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How to Understand Single-stream and Multi-stream Recording Modes in Recording and Broadcasting

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Single Stream Recording Mode in Recording and Broadcasting System

Single-stream recording mode refers to multi-channel video being switched or superimposed into a single picture. The live viewer displays an integrated one-way video picture. Picture content not only supports switching display of multi-channel video and VGA signals, but also supports various display modes such as picture-in-picture, single-stream and multi-screen, and can seamlessly switch among various display modes.

There are two main modes of single stream recording:

(1) Single-stream single-picture recording refers to switching N-selections among multiple video streams or screen streams and outputting one of them to a file. In the education industry, because the record and broadcast files of excellent courses need to be submitted to the higher management departments (e.g. the Ministry of Education) for evaluation, when opening this file, experts usually do not install a dedicated player, but use Microsoft's own Media Player player. At this time, the advantages of single-stream recording and broadcasting are reflected. Out, because of the use of single-stream single-screen mode, so you can use the Mediaplayer player live broadcast to open the viewing, without installing any plug-ins or players. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Because of the recording and live broadcasting mode of single-stream and single-screen, users can only see one scene when playback files or watching live broadcasting. Even if the picture-in-picture mode is adopted, the front video will still occlude the back part of the screen (such as the front teacher's video window occluding the back part of the computer PPT). At the same time, the material of the scene can not be completely preserved, only part of it can be preserved.

(2) Single-stream multi-screen mode refers to multi-screen segmentation and merging in multiple video streams or screen streams, and can realize switching output of N-selections, and generate single file with single window and multi-screen. Single-stream and multi-screen recording and broadcasting method, also known as out-of-picture painting method, combines the advantages of multi-screen and multi-scene resources preservation in multi-stream recording and broadcasting mode and the advantages of using universal player to play in single-stream recording and broadcasting mode. The single video file with wide-screen recording mode is still used in a single video window. Three-screen mode is presented. There are two video windows on the left and one main window on the right. The video of the main window will be automatically switched or manually switched by the system. The highest resolution of 1920*1024 is supported by the recorded files, which shows better classroom effect.

Multistream Recording Mode in Recording and Broadcasting System

Multistream recording mode refers to the simultaneous recording of multi-channel video and VGA signals to generate a separate file. Each recorded video is complete and can be exported at a later stage through editing software. There is no picture coverage between the videos, which can retain the most complete material.

Multistream recording and broadcasting is a way of synthesizing multiple video streams into one file. Each video stream or screen stream can be arbitrarily dragged or played in full screen during recording and live broadcasting. Furthermore, any video stream or screen stream can be separated or combined into a new file in the later stage. The advantage of multi-stream recording and broadcasting is that it can save all the pictures on the scene.
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